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More than six years ago, Mr. Rochay initiated investments in gold. Upon discovering the challenges within the gold mining industry, his mission emerged to improve mining conditions by eradicating child labor, eliminating mercury usage, and eradicating the trade in blood gold. The overarching objective is clear: effect substantial positive change in the world. 



“ Life is really about creating meaning.
And meaning does not come from what you
get, it comes from what you give ”

Tony Robbins


Rochay Group aspires to revolutionize the gold mining industry, firmly believing that our collective endeavors can profoundly influence and enhance the world. We are confident that you share this conviction. Why not join forces with us to establish a credible, well-regulated market for commodities sourced from these nations? Through collaboration, we can ensure the equitable utilization of resources for the benefit of local communities, while also guaranteeing substantial profits for our investors. Our steadfast belief is that the gold market serves as the optimal launchpad for this transformative initiative.


Creating Legitimate Market 
An authentic market is poised to offer greater profitability compared to an illicit "black" market, where increased overhead costs, diminished returns, and heightened risks prevail.


Inplement Justice 
Participants in black markets are often untrustworthy, disregard legal norms, and may prove challenging to hold legally accountable when necessary.


Securing Market Viability 
An authentic market will garner the endorsement and backing of key domestic and international regulatory bodies. This endorsement is poised to substantially bolster the feasibility and profitability of any venture.


Mitigating Reputational Risks 
The reputational risks of dealing in unethical gold are clear. No fund or investor should risk severe consequences from profiting in commodities from the black market, involving child labor or funding armed conflict. According to a World Economic Forum Survey, corporate reputation accounts for over 40% of a company’s market value.



Rochay Group believes in wealth creation from ethical trading with developing, commodity-rich countries which helps improve living standards for their local populations.


"A legitimate market is viable for investment, while an illegitimate one is not. Rochay Assets exclusively invests in ethical and legitimate markets"
Kevin Rochay



The satisfaction derived from wealth is heightened when acquired through legitimate means, especially via a business model that substantially uplifts the living standards of the local community. Such a socially responsible enterprise can be passed down to future generations with a sense of pride.
The pleasure of wealth is safeguarded when one is not haunted by the constant fear of public exposure and condemnation by the media, an unfortunate fate that has befallen many prominent investors.


The satisfaction derived from overseeing the humanitarian impacts projects that will be profound, especially if you have personally witnessed the hardships endured by those living in poverty. Every entrepreneur aspires to be a trailblazer
— an innovator who pioneers something novel, leaving a positive mark on history. Seize this golden opportunity to embody that vision.




Established in 2018, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) signifies the inception of the world's largest free trade area. This momentous initiative is poised to instigate transformative change and unparalleled opportunities within African economies and business landscapes. The adoption and implementation of AfCFTA are anticipated to accelerate intra-African trade, cultivate the expansion of regional and local value chains, and introduce novel business dynamics. Investors are presented with the prospect of accessing a population of 1.7 billion people, with combined business and consumer spending projected to reach US$6.7 billion by 2030.

From the outset, Rochay has prioritized attaining full control over the gold production process, spanning extraction to sales within well-established and regulated international markets. This objective has been realized, with Rochay recently acquiring substantial majority stakes in two gold mines boasting proven reserves of the highest international-grade gold. Further acquisitions are imminent, and industrial-level production is anticipated soon. Infrastructure development for gold extraction is in progress, pending final permits from Tanzanian authorities, a process expected to conclude promptly due to government support. Once permits are secured, gold extraction will commence, followed by transfer to Rwanda for refinement, preparing for sale in regulated international markets.



Rwanda, under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, stands as a prominent African nation actively challenging centuries of conflict, abuse, and ignorance. President Kagame is globally recognized for his visionary approach, steering the country towards leadership in education, tourism, healthcare, and commerce, coupled with vital social reforms fostering national unity. Achieving these milestones in just over two decades since unanimous election in the aftermath of 1990s massacres, President Kagame has positioned Rwanda on a transformative trajectory. Kevin Rochay, Chairman of Rochay Group, and his team have cultivated strong relationships with key Rwandan government officials, including those within President Kagame's cabinet, through numerous visits. These connections play a pivotal role in Rochay's investment strategy.


Over the course of five years, Rochay Assets has made significant investments in  project through offshore Special Purpose Vehicles. The establishment of robust infrastructure marks a milestone in realizing the distinctive objective of gold mining on the African continent, underscored by a steadfast commitment to upholding elevated ethical and sustainable standards.
Rochay ensures ethical gold production by compensating miners at ten times the average wage in African gold mining, thereby discouraging exploitative practices. The commitment extends to a strict no-child-labor policy and refraining from employing toxic substances, like mercury, in the extraction process. Environmental conservation is a priority, with a pledge against nature degradation through the indiscriminate use of explosives. Additionally, Rochay Assets is actively contributing to sustainability efforts by planting 200 trees for every kilogram of refined gold, aligning with their dedication to achieving carbon neutrality.

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“Leverage Is Key To Propel Yourself To Success And The Power Of Compounding Is The Key To Take The Success Achieved Into The Stratosphere” 
Kevin Rochay


Kevin Rochay
Martina Wagner
Jonathan Coad
Richard Reoch

Chairman I CEO

Deputy Chairman 

Chief Legal Counsel

Alexandra John

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief International Standard Officer

Joseph Maybuye
Thato Joseph Makobi
Moctar Ould Hasen Mahmouden

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Procurement Officer

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