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Sir Rochay is the Chairman of Rochay Group, whose subsidiary companies operate in Monaco and London to offer their clients numerous opportunities through a variety of channels in the luxury sector. The Rochay Group is an umbrella holding company for a variety of activities. Sir Rochay was going to follow his father into Chambers as a Barrister, but an early and very successful foray into deal-making sealed his fate. He now specialises in discretely and successfully concluding off-market transactions. Aside from his work-related passions, Sir Rochay firmly believes in giving back to society through his charitable work with children and animals. He is a Patron of Lucy Air Ambulance for Children, a devoted supporter of Animal Aid Unlimited in India and runs a private initiative to provide care for stray dogs in Bali and Sri-Lanka. Sir Rochay's most recent focus is making gold-mining in Africa ethical and sustainable, both for the environment and the local populations. To achieve these, he has introduced a number of game-changing initiatives.


Sir Kevin Rochay was knighted in Rome Italy for his mission and commitment to get rid of Child labor, Mercury, Blood Gold and all his philanthropy for children and animals around the world.


The worldwide charitable Order of Saint Lazarus confers knighthood in recognition of “international generosity, patronage and philanthropy.”
The Order of Saint Lazarus is an international, ecumenical charity based in Madrid with affiliates in 36 countries. It first established a leprosarium in 1191, originally in Jerusalem and then in Gaza. The order has grown in modern times beyond its centuries-old military background into a global humanitarian network providing a wide range of medical services as well as caring for the socially disadvantaged, the excluded and victims of war. It takes its name from Lazarus, the beggar whose story is told in the biblical gospel of St Luke (16:19-31). Sufferers of leprosy regarded him as their patron saint and usually dedicated their hospices to him. Lazarus also appeared in the medieval Islamic tradition, in which he was honoured as a pious companion of Jesus. The Order’s international projects now support a wide range of philanthropic activities in the pursuit of providing support, care and help to the poor, the sick and dying in the community. It’s latest annual report states: “While maintaining the Order’s historical provision of support to victims of leprosy, our jurisdictions responded to the ever-changing needs of the modern world and supported a variety of other needs. Significant philanthropic donations and volunteer time were expended in support of palliative efforts and medical care of children, individuals with special needs and needy members of society, such as handicapped, aged and terminally ill people. An incredible amount of support was also provided to the people of Ukraine to address their significant needs.”.

Emergency relief and care programs
The Order’s most recent projects include emergency relief for victims of the 2022 tsunami that struck Tonga and providing on-the-ground humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. It continues to devote resources to care for those affected by leprosy (Hansen’s disease). This includes a three-year project to support Premananda Hospital in India which aims to treat and rehabilitate people affected by leprosy, including provision of vital reconstructive surgery to restore mobility and eyesight, protective footwear to prevent further injury, health education and teaching people how to live with the effects of leprosy The Order’s Spafford Children’s Centre, founded in 1925, provides psychological, social, and educational support in East Jerusalem for mothers and children who live under difficult socio-economic conditions. It also offers speech therapy to children who have lost the power of speech due to trauma and conflict in Jerusalem.

Sir Kevin Rochay
Knight of the Order of Saint Lazarus

The Order can invite individuals to become “knights” of the Order and confer that honour upon them. This is normally done on the basis of a recommendation that the individual is advancing the cause of humanitarian standards and the relief of suffering in their life’s work. Kevin Rochay was nominated for a knighthood in 2023, and was honoured in a ceremony in Rome on 8 October that year. In a formal letter, Knight Antonio de Franchechi, Grand Secretary of the Order of Saint Lazarus states: “Sir Kevin Rochay was called to join our Order as a Knight because [of being] an example of international generosity, patronage and philanthropy.”



Sir Kevin Rochay was awarded the Distinguished award by the OSCE on the 29th of July 2023. 


The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) stands as the world’s largest regional security organization, with 57 participating states spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. The OSCE is dedicated to fostering stability, peace, and democracy for over a billion people. It achieves this through political dialogue centered on shared values and practical efforts aimed at creating a lasting impact.

The OSCE serves as a forum for political dialogue on a broad spectrum of security issues and as a platform for collaborative action to enhance the lives of individuals and communities. The organization employs a comprehensive approach to security that integrates politico-military, economic and environmental, and human dimensions. This inclusive strategy, coupled with its extensive membership, enables the OSCE to bridge differences and build trust among states by cooperating on conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation.

Through its institutions, specialized units, and extensive network of field operations, the OSCE addresses a myriad of issues impacting our collective security. These include arms control, counter-terrorism, good governance, energy security, human trafficking, democratization, media freedom, and the protection of national minorities.


Sir Kevin Rochay was awarded International Investment Congress Award for Ethical Gold Production and The Annual Awards for the top Investment Influencers 2023 on 26th of May 2023.

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